Barilla Unboxed

I received my box


I Bzz Better with Barilla

I am so happy to blog about this Bzz campaign! I received a box from Bzz Agent with a box of Barilla pasta, pink peppercorns, a grinder, and coupons to share!

I made a pasta with a homemade three cheese sauce called “Three Cheese Truffle” and it was exceptional! I recommend Barilla over any other pasta, and all the recipes Ive ever tried have tasted like real authenic Italian food! I can promise that you won’t be disappointed in any of the pasta, or sauces. I used the Casarecce noodles that came with the box, and have my family asking me when I will make it again. Thank you Barilla, couldn’t of bzzed without you!
#BetterwithBarilla #GotItFree

Happy Reviewing,

InkJoy Mission from Smiley360

Hello Bloggers,
I blog to write reviews on products I love. I also write about products that are a no go. So this is a product I love, and I got to try it for free.
If you want to join me check out

I got my free pens in the mail, and have been using them ever since. I can not put them down literally! The Papermate pens called InkJoy are by far the best pens, smoothest write, and color option choices available on the market.
Try them!

Happy Reviewing,

Join the Smiley360 Community with me!

Do you want to know what I do for fun? I get free stuff, try it out, and give my opinions on it!

I love to try thing before I buy them! The worst thing for me is to buy something and end up hating it, never using, and then I am WASTING MONEY! I do not like to waste money. I feel like there is so much need out there, that I should be as frugal as possible, so I can be an extraordinary giver. So my plan of action is this!

1. Try before I buy if possible.

2. Coupon ( I have a method I will share later)

3. Share (Splitting cost/product is amazing)


I participate in this awesome company called Smiley360. I get to sample products, write reviews, and be part of a community that saves me a lot of time, and MONEY!

There are 5-10 different products each month that they give away for FREE! You wont get every product, but even if you get one free sample a month, your good! When I say sample I mean full size product.


2015 Ambitions

This years ambitions are for my personal growth. I want to be spiritually, physically, and financially fit. I started by writing my goals down, then sharing them with my husband, and now I’m writing them out to the world to help me be accountable.

At first I started to think how selfish? My goals are all about me,and what about all the hurt, the need, the suffering in the world? Shouldn’t I want to help out?

It’s not that I dont want to help out, its that as amother of 4 and wife- I do not take care of myself as Ishould. I’m worn out, tired, and I start to feel resentful I feel better when I get ready for the day, wear mascara, and get dressed cute. I also find that I  want to care for my family, others and the world when Imake that extra time for myself. I don’t run out of time, I have a better quality of my time spent. Hope this finds those who need to stop letting themselves go, and start to care about YOU!

So my conclusion is,no, its not selfish to make goals to care for myself, it’s beneficial and healthy.

To all the moms, wife’s, caregivers who read this, make some time for YOURSELVES! Its ok.


Taking care of yourself!

Taking care of yourself!

Barilla Bzz Kit Unboxed


I just got my Bzz Kit from Bzz Agent. It’s Barilla  Collezione. I received a box of noodles, pink peppercorns, coupons, and a pepepercorn mill, ALL FREE! #BetterwithBarilla #GotItFree

With all the ingredients you need to make this I paid $30.I decided on the white sauce recipe versus the red sauce, due to prefrence.  I will make this and let you all know how it turns out.

Happy Reviewing,


Opal Apple Campaign

I received a coupon for $5 off Opal apples, purchased them at Fred Meyers, and now I have a new favorite fruit!I am a Bzz Agent, which consists of receiving products for FREE, trying them, and then sharing my opinions. It is a great, fun way to help brands, influence future products, and trying before buying.

So far I have tried them plain, in yogurt, in oatmeal, and in salad. Salad is by far my favorite. I will be baking my Christmas pie with them, and making applesauce for my baby.
My daughter loves them as you can see:

So as you can see Opal apples make my very picky baby do the happy dance!
These apples are crunchy, sweet, tart, and flavorful. I give them a two thumbs up!
#GotItFree #OpalApple

Happy Reviewing,

Opal Apples

I found Opal apples today at Fred Meyer.

I knew nothing about these apples until I received a Bzz kit from Bzz Agent asking me to purchase, try, and Bzz about these amazing apple’s.

I purchased them with the $5 off coupon I received, and I paid 74¢ for 3 pounds of apple’s. I got home and cut open the apple to try on my awesome new cutting board I got in my kit, and I was astonished. This fruit is better than my current favorite apple. I didn’t think any apple would compare, but they have exceeded my expectations by a landslide.The flavor is great, sweet, tangy, a bit sour. Perfect Apple.I left the core on the counter all through dinner and it did not brown as it claims. The picture I posted on this review is taken after it has been sitting out for an hour. I’m very impressed.

I want to say thank you Bzz Agent for introducing me to this wonderful brand.

I have reviewed this product and I give it a 5 out of 5. Taste, price, quality, availability, and saving available. It hits perfect marks in all categories.

I will recommend to others, and I will be talking about Opal apples for the next couple weeks via social media to share my findings.

You are better than the best Opal Apples.

Happy Reviewing,


Mr Sketch Mission with Smiley360

Possibly my favorite mission to date, possibly….

I was selected to participate in a Mr Sketch scented markers mission, and it could not have come at a better time. I received a package of holiday stix with flavors such a sugar plum, and grandma’s cookies. Included was a $5 gift card to purchase another package of markers, and I chose the original 12 pack with scents such as blueberry, and fruit punch. I have to say that my house has become a little more colorful. I enjoy being asked every few minutes, mom, mom what does Santa smell like? Guess mom, guess!! I’ve had a cinnamon Santa ornament,  a sugar cookie reindeer, and a cherry flavored Iron Man.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about I will tell you, go to, sign up, and come back and thank me later! No really I am a Smiley member, and a mission is an opportunity to try a product, test it out, FREE before I buy it. It’s pretty amazing. It’s product testing at its best. The only payment I give to Smiley and the brand is my honest opinion in the form of a YouTube video, written review, pictures, and Facebook/Twitter posts. It’s worth your time to check it out.

I #GotItFree from Smiley360, and #MrSketchCrafts, and I love it!

This review is 100% positive. I have no negative feedback to give, and I am very thankful to have qualified for this one. I would like to see new flavors soon, such as White Cherry slushie, and Blueberry Pomegranate.

Thank you again and again.

Merry Christmas and Happy Reviewing,


Nescafe Coffee……. Thank you Smiley360

Free coffee, need I say more?
How does that even happen? I know on your birthday you get a free drink at your favorite coffee stand, but this is way beyond that. I received a full size coffee/creamer mix in Hazelnut, AND 3 coupons for FREE Nescafe coffee. That is 4 FREE bottles of coffee. I am in shock. Great mission for sure, one of the best.
Here is my YouTube video, and you can hear for yourself the shock and awe over this Smiley box.

This is a great product.. The only thing I would say is- try it with coffee. It says mix with boiling water, but for me I use boiling coffee. I have tried the vanilla, and hazelnut flavor and both are good. Smiley outdid themselves on this one, and prove to be a very generous company. Look in my previous posts on how to become a Smiley member.
I give this product 100% recommendation. My review is all positive, with a hint of unbelief. I thank you Smiley, and Nescafe, and all my recent house guests thank you also. It has been fun to share my coffee, and all about product testing for Smiley360 with my friends and family.

Happy Reviewing,